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Overview of our tin boxes

possibilities of finishing

finishing of tins

Since 2008 the “Dosenspezialist GmbH“ offers attractive metal packaging in small batch series up from 20 pieces in its “Dose+” program. All here introduces products are manufactured exclusively by the “Dosenspezialist GmbH”. It’s our objective to invest consistently in new technology to offer a wide product range and to be able to serve you with appropriate possibilities to refine your products altogether.

screen printing

Especially big printing objects or continuous imprints are the domain of this classic printing technique. The screen print allows a high covering power of the colors and ensures high abrasion resistance. But complex preparatory work for the printing of tins using this technique causes higher costs compared to the pad print method.

digital printing

This printing technique is very convenient for illustrating raster- and pixel based pictures on tin cans. The color white is no challenge for our new digital print machines. This technique allows us to implement your photo-realistic designs onto tins (in small batch series) in high quality.

pad printing

The pad print is a devious printing technique at which the ink transfer onto the tin occurs via an intercarrier made of extremely elastic caoutchouc – the pad. Small asperities and porosities do not concern this printing method. Further advantages of pad prints onto tins are high abrasion resistance as well as favorable pricing.

laser engraving

Our laser engraving occurs with a YAG-fiber-laser, particularly suitable for the engraving of tins. At the laser engraving the tins surface is carried off by a laser beamer and the material changes color caused by the ensuing heat. Due to special machining procedures we can arrange multicolored engravings for you and individualize tins in small batch series.


A refinement satisfying everybody’s wishes in relation to the aesthetics and the design of cans. We can do embossing as well as deep embossing. For small batch series (up to a few thousand pieces) we can use reasonable, soft embosses. We would like to hand this price advantage on to our customers. Due to the combination of embossing and printing it’s possible to create exciting effects on our tins.

cardboard packaging and inlays for your product

Customer satisfaction is standard for the “Dosenspezialist GmbH“. The ambitious objective of the “Dose+” program is to be able to offer our customers a complete package that can satisfy your wishes and ideas in every way due to established and convincing quality. Besides the high class products of the “Dosenspezialist GmbH” and the realization of customized refinement requires that it’s mandatory to us to provide our customers with custom-fit inserts made of foam material or cardboard as well as solid cardboard packaging as a protective covering box for stocking and delivery. Here we also try to provide you with high standards and to make sure that your products – packaged in our striking cans – will arrive safe and sound at their final destination.

cardboard inserts

Cardboard inserts and cardboard applications contribute safety to the premium quality of your products as well as it ads a brilliant elegance to it. Present your exquisite goods like a piece of art – a stylish decor sets the stage for an impressive presentation. Therefor you have a big variety of colors to choose from. To the “Dosenspezialist GmbH” your ideas and wishes concerning the design and configuration of the cardboard inserts for your special product are mandatory.

foam inlay

Foam material inserts provide the best protection for sensitive and high premium products and impress on a high esthetical level. Therefore they present their high quality items in an exclusive and professional setting. Foam material inserts can take a remarkable part in perfecting the representative character of your product packaging in a very stylish way. According to your individual desires the “Dosenspezialist GmbH” designs for you custom-fit inserts made of foam material that you can purchase from us – either manually attachable or previously attached to the can.

cardboard packaging

Custom-fit and suitable outer packaging for your demand made of cardboard is a regular part of the supply of the “Dosenspezialist GmbH”. It’s important to us that the multifaceted produced metal packages arrive at their destinations in absolute perfect condition. We assure you that your product will arrive at your customers’ home safe and sound – professional and packaged in awareness of your concepts.

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possibilities of finishing

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